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What our students say...

"I was struggling with Physics, my other sciences were OK but I needed to improve my Physics grade to get into college. I spent hours looking at the equations but I wasn't even really sure what else I should revise. I bought the physics bootcamp bronze package of revision videos and they gave me soooo much confidence as the exams were getting closer. The videos explained the key points in a way that was much easier to understand than when I asked my teacher for help"
"My teacher wasn't a physics specialist and I found some of the topics really difficult. I kept reading the revision guide but it felt like nothing was going in. I watched loads of videos on youtube which helped but I wasn't sure if they were all relevant for my exam board. I bought the physics bootcamp silver package on udemy as I knew it had a 30-day money back guarantee. The videos were great and there were so many worksheets and practice materials that I knew what to work on every time I sat down for my physics revision instead of just flicking open the revision guide. Thank you!"
"I wanted more exam practice and booked 4 sessions with a private tutor for physics. It was so expensive and he only had late sessions available when I was too tired to concentrate. I cancelled after the second session but I couldn't get my money back. I found the physics bootcamp gold package which was a virtual tutor. It cost me less than I'd paid for the sessions with the tutor and it was flexible - I could use the videos whenever I wanted and complete the activities when I wanted to. I got detailed feedback on the exam questions I completed and information on the areas I needed to focus on for further revision. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends"

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